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85+ Cause and Effect Essay Topics and Ideas for College Students

Teachers like assigning students of all years of study with cause and effect essays. This task is aimed at teaching students how to determine the reasons and outcomes of certain events, situations, phenomena. This essay helps to develop analytical skills, ability to produce cognitive reasoning, predict and analyze the possible effects of something.

When writing a cause and effect essay, a student is searching for the basic reasons for some event or phenomenon and gives an explanation of outcomes thereof.

Cause & Effect: What is the Structure of Paper?

The structure of the essay consists of an intro part, the main part and conclusion. Before you begin to write, you should draw an outline of your essay. It is like a skeleton for your future project. The outline will help you stay close to your topic, include all the information you intended into the text and keep the required volume.

Once your outline is done, you begin writing the first part – introduction. Here you should give a short description of what you will be talking about further, about your research and anticipated results. The most important element of the introduction is thesis statement.

Thesis is a sentence where you describe the focus of your paper. Also, in the intro part you should provide a hook sentence to persuade your reader to keep reading the essay. Depending on the topic, you can use humor, storytelling, or quotes.

The next and the biggest part of your cause and effect essay will be the body part. It usually consists of three paragraphs. However, if you have more than three important causes and effects, it is possible to extend the body part. You should devote one paragraph to one cause and the effect it leads to.

You may face the challenge of linking the paragraphs with each other. To make your essay logical, you should use transition words and phrases, such as because of, due to, thus, etc. You can find extended lists of transition words /phrases on the internet.

The final part you will be writing is the conclusion. The volume of this part should be approximately the same as the introduction. In the conclusive section you should summarize what has been said before. You should finalize the results obtained during the research. Remember, that you should not repeat the thesis statement here word for word. If you decide to add our thesis, you should paraphrase it.

What are Some Good Topics for Cause and Effect Essays?

Of course, the topic you choose for cause and effect essay will be the guiding principle in the entire work. If you want to write about something interesting, you should take into account the subject and the current situation when selecting your topic.

You will be probably given two options: to choose one of the topics from your teacher’s list or come up with something yourself. Certainly, if you are free to select the topic you like it will turn into something attractive and cognitive. And, if you need some inspiration, check out the topics we have prepared for you in different subjects.

Good Cause and Effect Topics

  1. Being a twin: good or bad?
  2. How important are father and daughter relationships for girl’s relationships with men in the future?
  3. Do family holidays affect the general atmosphere of the family?
  4. 3 main reasons for poverty in America?
  5. What were the reasons that caused an increased level of adoption in Europe?
  6. Why they can not stop racism?
  7. What are the most common scenarios for kids growing in poor families?
  8. What will happen if parents don’t vaccinate their kids?
  9. Why the number of people with poor eyesight is growing?
  10. Why do more and more people start leading a healthy way of life?
  11. How are kids affected by mobile phones?
  12. What are the reasons and outcomes of cyber bullying?
  13. Why, despite their negative effect, the popularity of video games is growing?

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. What is the effect of making funny videos?
  2. Are cruel pranks on people really funny?
  3. Which actions can make online users laugh at you?
  4. How to deal with too many subscribers in social networks?
  5. What can happen if you download the wrong picture to your social media account?
  6. What will happen if your pet becomes an internet star?
  7. What are the effects of watching a football match on TV, not at the stadium?
  8. Is it possible to earn good money by selling funny stuff?
  9. How do you benefit from using 5G internet connection?
  10. What can make a modern person laugh?
  11. What can you do when your phone battery dies outside?
  12. What are the possible effects of excessive self-improvement?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics For College

  1. How are local communities impacted by non-profit organizations?
  2. How does the poor quality of drinking water influence our health?
  3. What will baby boomers do when they reach retirement age?
  4. Why it is difficult for a person with disabilities to find a job?
  5. Are the sanitation conditions poor in modern society?
  6. Do portable gadgets help developing business?
  7. What is the connection between playing violent video games and violent behavior?
  8. What will birth control methods lead to?
  9. Why the rate of obese teens is increasing fast in the US?
  10. What makes young ladies suffer from anorexia?
  11. How harmful is stress for a human?
  12. What are the worst outcomes of alcoholism?

Cause and Effect Research Topics

  1. What leads to early hair loss?
  2. Illegal immigration: causes and outcomes
  3. What will deforestation eventually lead to?
  4. 3 worst impacts of global warming on the environment.
  5. Why America is suffering from hurricanes?
  6. Why modern students often face emotional breakdowns?
  7. What can drink driving lead to?
  8. Is eating GMO food good or bad?
  9. Why should the use of mobile phones while driving be prohibited?
  10. What are the causes and effects of insomnia?
  11. What were the reasons for the Holocaust?
  12. How does cryptocurrency influence the market?

Cause and Effect Speech Topics

  1. Reasons why American drivers like imported vehicles?
  2. Why online shopping is becoming more and more popular?
  3. How does reading impact our life?
  4. How will staying in a foreign country affect us?
  5. What makes people not care about voting at the elections?
  6. How bottled water influenced flora and fauna?
  7. Will people suffer from land pollution?
  8. How does early morning improve our day and life?
  9. Can terrorism be defeated?
  10. What does inflation lead to?
  11. Pirate movies: effect on the entire industry
  12. What leads to the computer revolution?

Cause and Effect Topic Ideas

  1. Do people become happier from modern technologies?
  2. Why is it so difficult to quit using drugs?
  3. What were the outcomes of American war?
  4. Why some people still refuse using cell phones?
  5. Are teenagers affected by reality TV shows?
  6. Why some students quit studies?
  7. Do young people benefit from long-term employment?
  8. What makes some kids run away from home?
  9. Online courses: reasons and effects
  10. Why friendship loses its value?
  11. Why fast food shops cannot be closed?
  12. What can happen if a student fails an exam?

Cause and Effect Psychology Topics

  1. What are the reasons for eating disorders?
  2. How does divorce influence children?
  3. What can long term relationships lead to?
  4. What are the reasons women have low self-esteem?
  5. Why some children become rebellions?
  6. What are the reasons for early sexual activity in modern kids?
  7. Growing with grandparents: possible outcomes
  8. Does popularity in early age affect children’s psychology?
  9. What are the effects of not keeping your promises?
  10. 3 mains causes and the effects of divorce
  11. How does online dating influence on people’s relationships in reality?
  12. Growing in a rich family: possible outcomes

Steps in Writing a Cause and Effect Essay

Choosing an interesting topic for your cause and effect essay is important. However, there are other things you should pay attention to. Below you will find some useful tips to write an ace essay.

  • Always conduct an in-depth research
  • Use only reliable sources of information
  • Write an outline
  • Make a good introduction to your essay
  • Choose only effective arguments
  • Work on a powerful conclusion
  • Check and proofread your paper